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New bouldering sector opened in Chironico: Full Ring

The Chironico bouldering area in Ticino already has several thousand bouldering lines, making it one of the most popular destinations in the climbing scene. Now Nils Favre from western Switzerland has opened a new sector near Schattental. This video introduces most of the boulders.

Mass tourism in climbing: How Ticino bouldering areas are struggling for solutions

Are the Ticino bouldering areas victims of their own success? A report on causes and possible solutions.

Michaela Kiersch climbs her first 8b+ boulder with Hailstorm

The fact that Michaela Kiersch is a strong climber has been known since her ascent of the Sharma route Dreamcatcher near Squamish. In Ogden, Utah, she recently underlined that the American is also at the forefront of bouldering. There she climbed her first boulder of this difficulty with Hailstorm (8b +).

The six most beautiful Magic Wood boulders in areas 5b to 7a

Magic Wood is one of the most popular bouldering areas in the world. We present a list of the 6 most beautiful boulders in the area 5b to 7a.

Cresciano: no access / solutions sought

A few days ago the Patriziato di Cresciano communicated the ban on driving to the bouldering area in an official and public message. Memories of the past winter are awakened.

Tuzgle: An almost undiscovered bouldering paradise

At Tuzgle there is a hardly discovered first class bouldering area. This video shows Nalle Hukkataival opening up.

Security service carries out checks at Cresciano

A security service checked the access to the bouldering area in Cresciano because the parking and access prohibitions were disregarded.

Cresciano: territory or just closed parking?

The Swiss bouldering area Cresciano has to struggle with access problems. A board at the beginning of the Alpstrasse gives people something to talk about.