So far, many boulderers in Murgtal have violated the current parking ban. To the displeasure of the local community. Thanks to, there are now official parking lots.

A guest post by Silvan Dermond from

Originally, there was not a single official parking lot in the Lake and Serpentine Sector. However, hardly anyone has kept this parking ban. This behavior became more and more a thorn in the side of the local community Murg. Since the number of visitors has risen sharply in recent years, a rigorous implementation of this parking ban was planned as of summer 2017.
In connection with the Murgtaltopo of the dialogue with the Ortsgemeinderat was searched.

Fenced parking spaces of the municipality Murg

The pleasing result is four official parking spaces in the mentioned sectors. As can be seen in the pictures, the parking lots are fenced and closed with two ropes.
We thank the municipality Murg at this point for the concession and the effort, which was operated for the parking lots. The boulderers should appreciate this by parking exclusively on these squares. If this parking regulation should not work, the local municipality Murg reserves the right to return to the old parking ban and enforce this.

Use the official parking lots

So please dear visitors to Murgtal: Keep to the park rules, so that we are still welcome in the Murg Valley.

Parking in the Murgtal - Bouldering -
Fenced parking in the Murg Valley


Parking in the bouldering area Murgtal
Parking in the bouldering area Murgtal


Credits: Image and text Silvan Dermond

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