Earlier this year, we met American boulderer and pranic athlete Paul Robinson in the Chironico bouldering area of ​​Ticino and talked to him about his life as a climbing pro.

How has the Internet in itself and platforms like Facebook and Instagram changed the relationship of a pro to its sponsors? How do you structure your life as a climbing pro when there are no clear guidelines, as is the case with a classic office job?

In this first installment of the two-part video episode, we've come up with Paul primarily talked about his life as a climbing professional. In the second issue, we then focus on his favorite boulder areas and he reveals the GPS coordinates of his secret sector in the South African Rocklands, Stay tuned.

Climbing pro Paul Robinson in an interview with LACRUX

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That might interest you

Paul Robinson has posted two videos about his Ticino trip. In the usual professional manner, he records his inspections in video form.

Video 1 - Paul Robinson in Ticino

The first video shows Paul in the celebration of Boulder's classic Entwash (8a), Like On Vacation (7c +), King's of Sonlerto (8b) and Heritage (8b +).

Video 2 - Paul Robinson in Ticino

The second video shows Paul performing the Boulder Last Samurai (8a), Apollo (8a), Ponk (8a, Flash), Walk The Line (8a +), Khumba Mela (8a +, Third Commitment) and Flash Flood (8b).

Information about the interview with Paul Robinson
The interview was conducted by Remo Schläpfer from the climbing magazine LACRUX. A big thank you goes Bächli mountain sports and Prana for the support of this article.

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Credits: Part of the video recordings has Paul Robinson kindly provided.

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