Giuliano Cameroni from Ticino manages the first ascent of a heavy boulder in the bouldering area Magic Wood: Power of Now. Giuliano rates the boulder as 8c.

It was quiet for a long time Giuliano Cameroni. Now it's clear why. He planned a new and heavy line in the Aver Valley: power of now (8c). The line is right behind Dinos don't Dyno near Rythmo.

Yes, how awesome! Power of Now is definitely one of the best bouldering I've ever seen. Dynamically and technically equally!

Giuliano Cameroni on the Boulder Power of Now

The boulder starts in a blending and demands a good dose of explosion and precision right from the start with a dynamic train. After a short section of ledge climbing in the 60-degree steep roof, another dynamo follows.

Although the handles are relatively good here, the right foot must not come here.

Giuliano Cameroni on the train to the exit edge of Power of Now. (Image WithPleasure)

When executing the second dynamo, it is of central importance to build up enough pressure on the right foot and to keep the tension.

The key to success was for Giuliano the absolute focus on the one moment and hiding any thoughts while executing the second dynamo.

Only when you are free from doubts and other thoughts can you focus on the here and now.

Giuliano Cameroni during the first ascent of Power of Now

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Credits: Cover picture WithPleasure