A few days ago, Ryohei Kameyama achieved the big sensation: He was the first to repeat a 9a boulder with No Kpote Only (LACRUX reported). Now he announces the commission of another ultra-heavy boulder: La Révolutionnaire (8c +) in the Gros Sablons sector.

A week ago, a murmur went through the climbing scene, as the young Japanese Ryohei Kameyama the ascent of the 9a Boulder No Kpote Only communicated. He is the first person to repeat a 9a Boulder. Accordingly, everyone wondered if he would leave No Kpote Only as 9a or devaluate. Only in a comment on his instagram contribution does Ryohei cautiously give away 8c + / 9a as a suggestion.

"I have the feeling, Burden of Dreams (the second 9a boulder - first climbed through Nalle Hukkataival - Editor's note) is a bit more difficult than No Kpote Only. "

But since he has not climbed so many boulders in the 8c area in the past, it is difficult for him to estimate how difficult No Kpote Only really is. One thing is crystal clear: As for the number of difficult Boulder, Ryohei now catching up.

Ryohei Kameyama on the 8c + boulder La Révolutionnaire in the Gros Sablons - Fontainebleau sector (Image: Ryosuke Hibino)

In the footsteps of Charles Albert

The 22 year-old makes short work of heavy lines during his current Fontainebleau stay. First came the two boulders, No Kpote Only and La Révolutionnaire, by the French Charles Albert, They are among the most serious boulder problems worldwide.

Video: Solider Go three days before the climb

Charles Albert at the first ascent of No Kpote Only

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Credits: Cover picture Ryosuke Hibino


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