22-year-old Japanese Ryohei Kameyama announces the first repeat of an 9a Boulder. He succeeded in the commission of recently opened by Charles Albert Boulders No Kpote Only in Fontainebleau.

Worldwide, there are only two boulders, for which the degree of difficulty 9a have been proposed. The first boulder opened the Finn Nalle Hukkataival to Burden of Dreams in October 2016. Although some strong athletes tried on Boulder, among others Ryohei Kameyama, nobody managed the boarding. In January 2019 it was then the barefoot climber Charles Albert, the No Kpote Only climbed and also suggested 9a as a difficulty.

Ryohei Kameyama vaguely comments on the difficulty of No Kpote Only

The big question, of course, is whether Ryohei has the Charles Proposed degree confirmed. This would be the first confirmed 9a boulder in the world. Ryohei says: “I feel like Burden of Dreams is a bit more difficult than No Kpote Only. I think No Kpote Only is in the range 8c + / 9a. But I didn't climb a lot of very difficult boulders, so I don't have a good reference. Therefore my assessment may not be correct. "

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Credits: pictures Ryosuke Hibino

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