The Japanese Ryohei Kameyama climbs the 8c boulder Délir onirique assis shortly before the end of his stay at Fontainebleau.

At the beginning of March left Ryohei with the first repetition of the 9a Boulder No Kpote Only listen up. It was the first repeat of an 9a Boulder ever. So far, the first No Kpote Only (by Charles Albert) and Burden of Dreams (by Nalle Hukkataival) rated 9a. The 20-year-old says after the walk dare to the degree of No Kpote Only, but his assessment goes in the direction of 8c + / 9a.

Third boulder in the 8c area during the trip

Shortly after the celebration of No Kpote Only the replay of the 8c + Boulder followed La Révolutionnaire in the sector Gros Sablons. Also this Boulder was first attained by Charles Albert. It was Charles who showed Ryohei the most interesting blocks in the woods and accompanied him. To top off his stay, Ryohei now announces the commission of the 8c boulder Délir onirique assis. The line, first attained by Charles Albert, was recently replaced by the French Nicolas Pelorson .

Ryohei Kameyama during one of his experiments in Délir onirique assis

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Credits: Picture Ryohei Kameyama

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