The young American Shawn Raboutou recently succeeded in repeating the difficult boulder Livin 'Large (8c) in the South African bouldering area Rocklands.

Livin 'Large was 2009 by the Finn in August Nalle Hukkataival first ascents. Nalle called the boulder the heaviest line he ever made. A second visit took Jimmy Webbwho scored the Boulder on the last day of his trip.

“Oh man, I'm so happy that I was finally able to climb the boulder. Another dream line of South Africa by Nalle Hukkataival. I'm very proud of the ascent! "

Jimmy Webb

Shawn Raboutou expresses less euphoric, but announces a longer video about his commission. Interestingly enough, Shawn Raboutou even suggests 8c + as the level of difficulty for the Boulder.

Shawn Raboutou visiting Livin 'Large in the Rocklands

Shawn Raboutou can already record numerous heavy boulders in its ticklist. These include 8c + Boulder like Off the Wagon Low, The Finnish Line, Creature from the Black Lagoon or climbing routes like Buddha in Fionnay.

Jimmy Webb inspecting Livin 'Large

livin 'large from Sam T. on Vimeo.

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Credits: Cover picture Nalle Hukkataival