The young boulderer Shawn Raboutou manages the commission of the first 8c + Boulder in Switzerland. In Val Bavona he scores the low start of the classic Off the Wagon.

The Boulder Off the Wagon was first launched Nalle Hukkataival In November 2012 committed and quickly became a classic. Originally rated 8c, the difficulty level settled at 8b +. The recent celebration of Off the Wagon succeeded in Val Bavona Giuliano Cameroni (LACRUX reported). It is him who also publishes a video that Shawn Raboutou in the low-start version of Off the Wagon shows.

Crazy stuff happened today. First 8C + for Switzerland. Iconic boulder. - Giuliano Cameroni

The video shows Shawn still trying to get through. In the following attempt, the 20-year-old American scored the low-start version.

Video: Shawn Raboutou in Off the Wagon low (8c +)


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Shawn Raboutou is rowing hard boulders and routes

Shawn has been in Switzerland for several weeks and visits numerous areas. A few days ago, he managed the first ascent of the 8c + / 9a Route Buddha and the celebration of a Dave graham Boulders: Foundation Edge (8c). With the first ascent of Off the Wagon low (8c +) he is now on it. We are eager to see what happens.

Video: Giuliano Cameroni touring the 8b + version of Off the Wagon

Credits: Cover picture Screenshot video


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