26-year-old Swede Linda Sjödin just a few days ago celebrated the magic-wood classic New Base Line (8b +). In contrast to earlier lovers and entertainers of this line, Linda Sjödin is hardly known to anyone. That has changed abruptly.

The of Bernd Zangerl first-time boulder New Base Line im Averstal was recently committed by only four women: Shauna Coxsey, Alex Puccio, Anna Stohr and Mile Heyden. At least the first three ladies are often found in articles of the international climbing press. Now a completely unknown and just as reserved person communicates the commission of the Magic Wood classic News Base Line: Linda Sjödin, With her visit Linda is the only eleventh woman ever to climb a boulder on this 8b + level.

"I was far from being in the same league as Alex Puccio, Shauna Coxsey or Anna Stöhr and not strong enough either. But the video of Alex Puccio's commemoration that I watched this summer totally inspired me. So I decided to give it a try. "

Linda Sjödin

Linda came in contact with the line about three years ago, when she first visited the Magic Wood was. Her brother planned a boulder below New Base Line. Since then, they encouraged her brother and her boyfriend to try the line. But it was not until the summer of this year that Linda decided to New Base Line seriously project. 15 Sessions invested the young Swede until she became New Base Line on 7. September 2019 could climb.

The story behind Linda Sjödin's inauguration of the Magic Wood classic New Base Line (8b +)

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Credits: Cover picture Eric Karlsson