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Bouldering elite in Magic Wood: Flohé, Coudert, Hazelnutt and Co. pull hard

At the moment, the best climbers in the world are handing each other a hand in the Magic Wood. Camille Coudert has ended his two-week Avers trip with an impressive ticklist. Yannick Flohé is just getting started. And Anna Hazelnutt once again shows nerves of steel.

Girl power in Magic Wood: Michaela Kiersch and Alex Puccio successful

The two Americans Michaela Kiersch and Alex Puccio have been at Magic Wood since mid-May and are cracking one classic after the other.

Jakob Schubert flashes The Never Ending Story (8b +) and other 8-piece boulder

Jakob Schubert gets the most out of a two-day trip to the Magic Wood. He flashes The Never Ending Story (8b +) and three more boulders in the eighth grade.

Martin Keller commits New Base Line after 10 years of designing

Martin Keller completes another long-term project with the celebration of New Base Line (8b +) in the bouldering area Magic Wood.

Giani Clement boils Ill Trill and New Base Line in Magic Wood

Giani Clement's wave of success does not stop. A few days ago he cracked the two Magic Wood classics Ill Trill and New Base Line (both 8b +).

Swede Linda Sjödin climbs New Base Line (8b +)

26-year-old Swede Linda Sjödin joins New Base Line (8b +). She is the only eleventh woman in the world who can climb a boulder of this difficulty.

You must have seen the Magic Wood Ticklist by Matt Fultz

Matt Fultz climbed eighth in the Magic Wood 16 Boulder and completed the 9a-rated tour "The Neverending Story 1 + 2 + 3".

Matt Fultz and Clément Lechaptois climb New Base Line and more heavy boulders

The Frenchman Clément Lechaptois and the American Matt Fultz succeed in the ascent of the 8b + Boulder New Base Line in the Averstal.


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