The Japanese Tomoa Narasaki succeeds in climbing the 8c boulder Asagimadara in only the third attempt.

Tomoa Narasaki is another candidate who took part in the Summer Olympics and is now really impressing on the rock. He recently posted a video showing him climbing Mount Mizugaki on a rock. Together with his brother Meichi Narasaki, his partner Akiyo Noguchi and other friends Tomoa Narasaki goes bouldering. Warm up in a 7c + boulder, reverse face.

“We didn't get up the other 7b + / 7c boulders. Therefore we go on to Asagimadara. "

Tomoa Narasaki

The 8c boulder Asagimadara was at the top of the priority list of the day. But not for long, because Tomoa was already on the block on the third attempt. Check. To round off the day properly, he also climbed the 8a + Boulder Crimson Flame. The only open bill of the day is an even harder chunk: Launch Pad Project. For this line Tomoa Narasaki has to return again. How many times?

“The Launch Pad Project is damn tough. But I'll be back! "

Tomoa Narasaki

Tomoa Narasaki during the asagimadara ascent (8c)

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