The bouldering season in Ticino is in full swing. In the south of Switzerland there are perfect conditions for bouldering sessions in areas such as Cresciano, Chironico or Brione. We will show you seven beautiful Cresciano boulders with difficulty levels 6a-7b.

Important note: you are asked to respect the driving and parking ban in Cresciano and to use the parking spaces in the village. (As of November 12.11.2021, XNUMX)

With areas such as Cresciano, Chironico and Brione, Ticino is one of the most popular bouldering destinations in the world. While there is snow in the north, in Ticino you can often boulder under perfect conditions. The actual season begins just now in November, the temperatures are around 10-15 degrees Celsius, which is ideal for many projects. There are now separate bouldering guides for the three areas mentioned above, which make it easier to find the right area.

With this article we make it easier for you to search in Cresciano and recommend seven boulders in area 6a - 7b.

1 dilettante edge (6a)

2 Il Cerchio Celtico - (6a +)

3 Never Ending Story (6b) - "Normal Ascent"

Never Ending Story - Famous no-hands inspection by Bernd Zangerl

4 Vasaloppets (6c)

5 mountaineering edge (7a +)

6 Toccami Tutta (7a +)

7 La Boulette (7b)

Boulder mats for a safe jump area

Cresciano is one of the bouldering areas with a relatively good jumping-off area. Unlike in Chironico or the Magic Wood, there are relatively few rocks under the actual bouldering blocks. Nevertheless, of course, a crash pad belongs in the area.

We tested different models (Test item). If you want to be as minimalistic as possible, you can use smaller pads like this Alto from Petzl or the Impact of Black Diamond Well. If you go into the area with a small pad, we recommend that you at least bring one with you Starter pads.

As soon as the bouldering blocks get higher, bigger pads like that offer Cirro from Petzl or Mondo from Black Diamond more safety.

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