The Slovenian Janja Garnbret and the Japanese Tomoa Narasaki decide the world championship in bouldering for themselves. Switzerland missed the entry into the final with the 10. Petra Klingler place scarce. Germany was represented in the final with Yannick Flohé and took the 3. Final rank behind the Austrian Jakob Schubert.

After her victory of the Overall World Cup 2019 in discipline bouldering picks up Janja Garnbret now the gold medal at the Boulder World Championship in Hachioji, Japan. The men also have a similar picture. The winner of the overall World Cup 2019, Tomoa Narasaki, convinced in Hachioji and wins gold. Tomoa was the only one in the final to reach the top of two boulders. The other finalists in the men did not reach any of the tops.

Petra Klingler retires in the semifinals

As the third last athlete started Petra Klingler in the semifinals. At the first Boulder she already had the left hand on the top handle, but could not grasp it properly and slipped away. In the remaining minutes the top did not want to succeed anymore. In the next two problems, she managed the zones relatively quickly, but also stayed out of the tops. Due to the difficult route and the lack of tops in the competition another zone would have been enough for the fourth and last Boulder to enter the final. But the zone grip remained unequaled and the dream of the final took off in air.

"It is devastating that my dream has burst. I know that I'm one of the best climbers. But now it's time to look forward, because my next assignment is already tomorrow. " 

Petra Klingler

Impressions of the Boulder World Championship in Hachioji

The bouldering finals of the men in the repeat

The bouldering finals of the ladies in the repeat

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Credits: Artwork Eddie Fowke / IFSC and Daniel Gajda / IFSC, SAC text section


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