From August 11th to 18th, 2022 the European Championships in Climbing will take place. The individual disciplines Speed, Bouldering and Lead will be held on the Königsplatz in Munich, as well as the new combination format Boulder & Lead, which will also be climbed at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. These climbers from Switzerland, Germany and Austria will be there.

From August 11th to 21st, the really big sport is returning to Munich: nine sports will be presented at the European Championships Munich discharged. This makes them the biggest sporting event in the Bavarian capital since the 1972 Summer Olympics.

And there is climbing too. From August 11th to 18th, 286 athletes from 26 nations will compete in the individual disciplines speed, bouldering and lead as well as in the new combination format of the Olympic Games 2024 in Paris Boulder & Lead. We have compiled the nominees from the climbing associations in Switzerland, Germany and Austria for you.

youngsters and veterans

Liv Egli can certainly be regarded as one of the great hopes for young talent at the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC). At the European Youth Cup in Ostermundigen and in Imst she twice climbed to the top of the lead podium. And she was also able to be chosen as the winner at the Junior European Championships in Augsburg. On her debut on Lead World Cup in Villars she made it into the women's semi-finals.

With Petra Klingler is an experienced athlete with a lot of experience in international competitions in the bouldering discipline. One of her career highlights is certainly the bouldering world championship title in 2016. In 2017 she secured a strong third place at the European Climbing Championships in Munich.

Andrea Kümin Meiringen
Andrea Kümin wins bronze at the Boulder World Cup in Meiringen. Image: Jan Virt/IFSC

Andrea Kümin competes in the Bavarian capital in the disciplines bouldering, lead and in the combined format bouldering & lead. The 24-year-old made this year at the Season opener in Meiringen attracted attention when she made it into a World Cup final for the first time in her career, finishing third behind Olympic Champion Janja Garnbret and World Champion Natalia Grossman.

For Sascha Lehmann the competition season did not go quite as planned. After narrowly missing out on the finals in tenth place at the World Cup in Innsbruck, the 2020 lead European champion started in Villars with high expectations. In the end he had to settle for 19th place. He proved that he shouldn't be underestimated World Games in Birmingham, where he secured the gold medal in lead climbing.

At the World Games in Birmingham, Sascha Lehmann was the only athlete to climb to the top in the final and thus secured the gold medal. Image: Daniel Gajda/IFSC

Nominations from the Swiss Alpine Club

  • Andrea Kümin (B, L, station wagon B/L)
  • Petra Klinger (B)
  • Sofia Yokoyama (B)
  • Liv Egli (L)
  • Sascha Lehmann (B, L, station wagon B/L)
  • Dimitri Vogt (L)
  • Nils Favre (B)
  • Julien Clemence (B)
  • Nino Grünenfelder (L)

Competition-experienced DAV team

Yannick Flohe is considered among men to be perhaps the greatest German hope: in Brixen (ITA) he won the Boulder World Cup – he is currently in 4th place overall. He is only the third DAV athlete to win in this discipline. In the end this was successful Jan Hojer 2017 in Munich. Flohé is also strong in the lead: He consistently climbed to the finals of every World Cup this year. His record: a seventh place, a fifth place and four times twice.

Next to Yannick Flohé is the Olympic ninth Alexander Megos. in Munich at the start. Megos recently convinced with one Bronze medal at the Lead World Cup in Briançon. In Innsbruck, the rock climbing legend reached 8th place.

Yannick Flohé secures World Cup gold in Brixen. Image: Lena Drapella/IFSC

In the women stands out this season Hannah Meul out of here. She showed strong performances and won the 2022 at the World Cups in Brixen (ITA) and Innsbruck (AUT). silver medal! A World Cup podium has not been achieved by a woman for seven years since Jule Wurm. In Munich she will try to bring this performance to the boulder. She is also successful in the lead: With a 9th and 10th place she just missed the finals in Briançon and Innsbruck.

For Alma's best father 2022 has not gone as planned so far. An injury held back one of the official faces of the European Championships for a long time. It is now celebrating its comeback at the European Championships! Bestvater has been part of the national squad since 2015 and won her first German championship in bouldering in 2018. In the 2020 season, she came fifth at the European Championships in her specialty bouldering.

Happy silver medalist: Hannah Meul at the Boulder World Cup in Brixen. Image: Lena Drapella/IFSC

Nominations from the German Alpine Club

  • Alexander Megos (B, L, Combi B/L)
  • Yannick Flohé (B, L, Combi B/L)
  • Philipp Martin (B, L, station wagon B/L)
  • Max Kleesattel (B)
  • Christoph Schwaiger (B)
  • Hannah Meul (B, L, Combi B/L)
  • Roxana Wienand (B)
  • Afra Honey (B)
  • Alma Bestfather (B)
  • Leonie Lochner (B)
  • Kathe Atkins (L)
  • Philip Martin (L)
  • Sebastian Halenke (L)
  • Nuria Brockfeld (S)
  • Julia Koch (S)
  • Franziska Ritter (S)
  • Anna Apel (S)
  • Linus Bader (S)
  • Leander Carmanns (S)
  • Sebastian Lucke (S)
  • Dorian Zedler (S)

Strong performance in Arco

Austria Climbing sends along Jakob Schubert an athlete who rock master in Arco has impressively proven with his double gold that he is to be reckoned with both in the bouldering discipline and in the lead. Although the 31-year-old was not quite able to compete for the podium places in the current World Cup season, he showed in front of the home crowd Innsbruck with the 5th place a solid performance.

teammate Nikolai Uznik started the season opener in Meiringen with 11th place. At the Bouldering World Cup in Salt Lake City, just like recently at the World Games in Birmingham, he just missed the podium with fourth place.

With Jessica mushroom is an athlete nominated for the European Championships who has already shown her form several times this season. At the Boulder World Cup in Salt Lake City she finished fourth, returning home from the World Games in Birmingham with a gold medal from the lead event. And at the prestigious Rock Masters, she was the big winner for women with gold in lead and bronze in bouldering.

rock master arco schubert mushroom
Winners at the Rock Master 2022 in Arco: Jakob Schubert and Jessica Pilz. Image: Simon Rainer

Nominations of the Austrian Climbing Association

  • Jessica Pilz (B, L, station wagon B/L)
  • Franziska Sterrer (B)
  • Johanna Farber (B)
  • Eva Hammelmuller (B, L, station wagon B/L)
  • Sandra Lettner (B, L, Kombi B/L)
  • Mallea Potzi (L)
  • Julia Fiser (L)
  • Jakob Schubert (B, L, station wagon B/L)
  • Nicolai Uznik (B, L, station wagon B/L)
  • Jan Luca Posch (B)
  • Siefan Joke (L)
  • Mathias Posch (L)
  • George Parma (L)
  • Laura Stoeckler (S)
  • Tobias Plangger (S)
  • Luke Knapp (S)
  • Lawrence Bogeschdorfer (S)

Program of the European Climbing Championships in Munich

11 August 202210.00 pmLead qualification women
11.00 pmBouldering qualification men
12 August 202210.00 pmLead qualification men
11.00 pmBouldering qualification women
13 August 202209.00 pmLead Semifinals Women
12.00 pmBouldering semifinals men
16.00 pmLead finals women
17.30 pmBouldering final men
14 August 202209.00 pmBouldering semifinals women
12.00 pmLead Semifinal Men
16.00 pmBouldering Finals Women
18.45 pmLead final men
15 August 202213.30 pmSpeed ​​qualification women
14.15 pmSpeed ​​qualification men
15.30 pmSpeed ​​final women and men
17 August 202215.00 pmBouldering & Lead Finals Women
18 August 202215.00 pmBouldering & Lead Final Men
Schedule European Championship Climbing Munich 2022

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Credits: Cover Photo Lena Drapella/IFSC