On April 30, the IFSC decided to issue so-called tripartite tickets (LACRUX reported). With that, Olympic candidates Stefano Ghisolfi and Fanny Gibert's dream of participating suddenly came to an end. We spoke to Stefano Ghisolfi about the IFSC decision.

A interview with the professional climber Stefano Ghisolfi

What do you think about the IFSC decision?

I thought this decision should have been made after the European Championship, so everyone can have the chance to qualify, it was not clear. But I think this year there won't be any competition at all, so this decision would have been made anyway sooner or later before Moscow.

Will you still take part in the European Championships in Moscow?

If the competition will take place next year, I'll take part but competing just in lead, if I cannot qualify for Olympics would be useless to compete in all discipline for me.

How will this change you climbing goals for XNUMX?

Climbing goals for XNUMX already changed with this emergency, I already decided to focus more on rock, that should be the safest thing maybe, and now I know bettere that I will focus on lead climbing.

<strong>Talking about climbing goals: Covid-19 changed everybodys life a lot. Yours especially, because your girlfriend is at higher risk for Covid-19 and you have very strict rules in Italy. How do you deal with the situation?</strong>

Until this sunday we are not allowed to go outside, from may 4th we can go and maybe go climbing (it is not very clear), and probably it will be possible from may 2020th. The goal would be to go rock climbing trying to avoid groups and to many people at the crag, climbers have to be very responsible. For the moment I'm lucky I can train in my garage and keep fit.

Thank you for the interview, Stefano!

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Credits: Cover picture Stefano Ghisolfi