At the summer games in Tokyo 2020 climbing is represented for the first time at an Olympiad. The German Alpine Club has now defined who he sends in the women's and men's race for the coveted starting places.

A new format, "Olympic-Combined", was created for the Summer Games in Tokyo 2020. The medals go to the best in an all-around competition from the disciplines of speed, bouldering and lead. “We consider the Olympic three-way battle to be a very exciting thing. In principle, it is a new discipline that you have to prepare specifically for, ”explains Martin Veith, sports director for competitive sports at the German Alpine Club (DAV). Worldwide, 20 women and 20 men can qualify for the Olympics; A maximum of two women and two men from each nation can start.

Hannah Meul at the BWV 2018 in Munich, photo: DAV / Marco Kost

These athletes and athletes are in the focus team

In order to make the best way to the qualifying competitions this year, the focus team was set up. "First, we have the six athletes in this team, who have an outstanding chance of qualifying," says Veith. That's the case with the ladies Alma's best father and Hannah Meul (DAV Rheinland-Cologne), with the gentlemen Jan Hojer (DAV Frankfurt / Main), Alexander Megos. (DAV Erlangen), Yannick Flohe (DAV Aachen) and David Firnenburg (DAV Rhineland-Cologne). However, the team is open, emphasizes Veith: "With a corresponding performance, other squad athletes can be added during the season."

Urs Stoecker is confident

"I am confident that we will achieve our goal of going to Tokyo with two men and at least one woman," says Urs Stöcker, one of the three national coaches. “We will give everything to the end and believe that we can do it.” There are still certain deficits in the speed discipline among German climbers, but: “We will focus on that. You can achieve a lot with relatively little effort ”. Former speed world champion Danyil Boldyrev from Ukraine was hired as a trainer for the focus team. However, Stöcker is not of the opinion that ultimately the complete climber will qualify.

"Actually, this format needs the specialist, who can also do the other two disciplines"

Urs Stoecker
Alex Megos at the BWC 2018 in Munich, photo: DAV / Marco Kost

Alexander Megos, for example: He is one of the best lead climbers in the world and also plays a leading role in bouldering. Speed, on the other hand, is not necessarily his favorite discipline, "but I'll train that," says Megos. For a participation in the Olympic Games would also mean a highlight for him.

"An Olympic participation is a dream that can be fulfilled".

Alexander Megos.

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Credits: Titelbild DAV / Marco Kost


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