The first snow has fallen - at least in the mountains - and the Christmas lights are hanging in the streets of the towns and villages. Time to think about presents for loved ones. We present you seven products that will make the hearts of all climbers and boulderers beat faster.

Keep your fingers warm: Hot Forge Heated Chalk Bag by Black Diamond

Do you love to enter your project at low temperatures and perfect conditions, or do you have cold fingers even at moderate temperatures? Then this magnesium bag is perfect for you. Black Diamond has developed the ultimate weapon against cold and numb fingers: the Hot Forge Heated Chalk Bag.

The magnesium bag is a clever combination of a heating element and an insulated cover. Whether in the resting position of your climbing project or before the go of your bouldering project - dip your fingers in the heated magnesium and score the thing.

No more cold fingers with the Hot Forge Heated Chalk Bag by Black Diamond.

Scarpa Furia Air

Faster Higher Further. That's the Olympic motto. Almost equally important in climbing is the topic of weight. Scarpa launches its lightest climbing shoe so far with the Furia Air. The shoe convinces, in addition to its low weight (150 grams), mainly by its performance characteristics. Super friction on downhill kicks, wide kicks in steep routes can be very well and the shoe feels like a sock. Our conclusion: Ideal for training in the hall or the passage of longer routes.

Your fingers will be grateful to you - thanks to the finger massage ring from Fingerpocket

Anyone who had one does not give it anymore. The speech is from Finger massage ring, The idea of ​​massaging your fingers may sound a bit special. But it's worth it. The finger massage ring of finger Pocket helps you to warm up before the training session or the project on the rock as well as the regeneration after finger injuries.

The application increases blood circulation in the fingers and relieves tension. After the massage with the ring, the fingers feel noticeably "soft" and warm.

Thousands of topos and personalized training plans in pocket format - The app from Vertical Life

Vertical Life combines in its app a growing number of topos in digital form. But the app offers more. Through its link with numerous climbing and bouldering halls, it offers its users a personalized training plan. The Vertical Life App is the perfect gift for your buddy or your ambitious girlfriend.

Incidentally, Vertical Life recently switched to a subscription model. In this way, users can choose the offers that they really need. There is even a “Friends” model, in which five people have access to all Vertical Life offers. You can find out more about the subscription models on

Lightweight and perfect in its shape: The portable fingerboard by Problemsolver

If you are on the move for a long time or want to warm up quickly and without losing precious finger skin, it is best to use a portable finger board. We have already got hold of a few models, but the Hanzo from Problemsolver definitely appealed to us. It has enough different handle sizes, is super light and, thanks to its flat shape, can be stowed away in a backpack. Hats off, dear Sweden - this product is awesome.

Breathe new life into the ropes of climbing professionals - the wallets from Ne-ia

Ne-ia is a small company based in Vorarlberg, Austria. Ne-ia has dedicated itself to the topic of upcycling and has been producing individual accessories from disused climbing ropes since 2014.

The special thing: A part of the ropes comes from the historical inspection of known climbing sizes. Every purse from the Pro-Line series tells its own story. In the shop there are wallets made of ropes from Babsi Zangerl & Jacopo Larcher, Roger Schäli, Nina Caprez or Stefano Ghisolfi, The list is far from exhaustive.

Always and everywhere bright: the ultralight Bindi lamp from Petzl

It more than deserves the superlative "ultra-light". The headlamp Bindi of Petzl is so light with their 35 grams that they are barely noticeable when worn. But what you notice is their 200 lumens, which illuminate the way in the evening trail running or the kicks in the night session in the route or at the block.

It could not be simpler: reshuffle climbing shoes with the resoling bag

Every day the shoemakers breathe Gecko Resoling used new shoes on used climbing shoes. Among others, the Boulder legend par excellence works in the studio: Fred Nicole. Whoever wants to give his or her sweetheart new soles to the climbing shoes, can do this easier than ever before. In numerous climbing gyms (see list below) or on order Gecko Resoling can be referred to as so-called resoling sack:

  1. Lousy climbing shoes in
  2. Resoling bag to the post office
  3. A few days later your newly soled climbing finches are in the mailbox. Postage and worry free.

Here you will find the resoling bag

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