He no longer believed in it himself. Yesterday, shortly before the end of his trip to Canada, Adam Ondra set out on a route set up by Josh Muller that has not yet been traveled. The 25-year-old Czech chose the name Disbelief and suggested 9b as a difficulty.

“It was a crazy day. I almost wanted to give up. No light in the end of the tunnel, despite the fact I stuck the move 10 days ago once, only to fall off 2 moves higher ” Adam Ondra yesterday's climbing day in Acephale, Canada. “When I got to the crux move (which is actually a foot move) totally fresh, I would slip off for like 15th time. On my 3rd try of the day, I somehow did not slip and did not fall. I cannot think many other routes where I climbed so close to my limit ”he continues. The route baptizes Adam Ondra, in the spirit of the climbing process, Disbelief. Adam gives 9b as the degree of difficulty, but says the difficulty is in the upper range: "I think it is pretty high-end 9b, but I do not have the courage to call it 9b +." It is thus after Fight Club the second 9b of Canada. The route Fight Club was in the summer 2016 by the German professional climber Alexander Megos. first arrived (Video on LACRUX).

Adam Ondra: Visibly pleased about the first ascent of Disbelief
Adam Ondra: Visibly pleased with the first ascent of Disbelief (pic Iva Vejmolova)

Difficulty check with Adam Ondra

As is well known, Adam leads the list of climbers who climbed several routes in the upper ninth degree. So far, Adam committed an 9c (Silence), three 9b + and 19 9b routes. 13 of the previously mentioned 9b routes has been given to Adam Ondra for the first time. On the ranks two, three and four follow Chris Sharma (eight 9b routes), Alexander Megos, Jakob Schubert and Dani Andrada, each with three 9b routes.

Video about Adam Ondra's trip to Canada

During his trip to Canada, Adam visited the sport climbing areas Acephale and Planet X. After struggling with dry and smooth skin on his first day, he made short work of it. He cut the callus from his fingertips and removed the last bits of callus with sandpaper before going back to the rock.

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Film with Adam Ondra on the celebration of the world's first 9c

Credits: picture Petr Pavlicek

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