The Bernese Silvan Schüpbach opens two heavy multi-pitcher trips on the northern pier of the Gross Wellhorn. Adrenalinchiubi (7c, 7b compulsory, 250 meter) as well as Röck u Zöpf (7c, 7b compulsory, 230 meter) are waiting for strong climbers.

“Anyone who appreciates perfect alpine limestone and is not afraid of the ascent will have a lot of fun here! A lonely, wild area with a romantic bivouac ”, so Silvan about the Gross Wellhorn and its two creations. As Silvan explained is Röck and Zöpf significantly more persistent and demanding than the Adrenalinchiubi. The hedge was good, even if wide (safe) crashes were possible.

Topo of the two routes Adrenalinchiubi and Röck u Zöpf am Gross Wellhorn

Topo Adrenalinchiubi Röck u Zöpf am Gross Wellhorn_Silvan Schüpbach
Topo of the routes Adrenalinchiubi and Röck u Zöpf on the Gross Wellhorn © Silvan Schüpbach

Credits: picture Silvan Schüpbach

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