A team of climbing professionals has set up a climbing garden and path in Polynesia that is probably one of the most beautiful in the world.

With the support of their sponsors, a group of professional athletes traveled to Makatea, one in the northwest of the Tuamotu Archipelago (Polynesia). Were part of the party Nina Caprez (Switzerland), Charlotte Durif (France), Marcos Costas (Brazil), Aymeric Clouet (France) and Jonathan Siegrist (USA).

I was quite surprised to see this climbing paradise in the middle of the Pacific.

Marcos Costas

Their goal was to set up climbing routes and a via ferrata and thus to create a contribution to an additional economic display for the island: ecotourism.

The result is first-class climbing routes in a spectacular setting, right on Makatea Beach. This climbing garden is probably the most beautiful in the world. See for yourself.

A film about a heavenly climbing garden: Makatea Vertical Adventure

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Credits: Cover picture Guillaume Broust