The latest episode of the Actiontalk TV and LACRUX show BETA is dedicated to the returnee of the year - Didier Berthod. The French-speaking Swiss had long been among the world's top climbers, then lived in a monastery for twelve years, only to return to the rock. But is he serious about climbing? We spoke to Dider.

As part of the fourth edition of BETA, we also have Jacopo Larcher, the first to climb the toughest trad route in the world, Tribe in Cadarese, we talked to the question of whether Corona the last Olympic hope of many athletes destroyed. And how was that again with the oil drilling in the world-famous bouldering area Fontainebleau? We took a closer look.

The topics of episode 4 of BETA at a glance

  • Away from the monastery, towards the rock - exclusive interview with the returnees Didier berthod
  • Corona destroys Olympic hopes - facts and interviews with Sascha Lehmann and the IFSC
  • Most difficult trad route in the world repeated - giving Jacopo and James a review?
  • Oil drilling in Fontainebleau: Are the beloved sandstone blocks in danger?
  • Success in the 2 high wall of the Sani Packush - In conversation with Symon Welringer

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Fancy crack climbing à la Didier Berthod?

Small wedges in particular often have the problem on trad routes that they reach their load limits relatively quickly. Not so that IMP Brass Nut from DMM. The smallest size of the IMP Brass Nut is suitable for cracks from a width of 4 millimeters. The tiny thing achieves a strength of 4 kN. In other words: Comparably small clamping wedges from other manufacturers only have 50% of the strength.

The IMP Brass Nut achieve this strength with a simple but ingenious trick - the fixation of the wire loop is flexible, so that the force can be evenly distributed over the clamp body.

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