In an interview with Francis Sanzaro from Gym Climber, Adam Ondra talks about the Summer Olympics, mental strength and what he loves about climbing in general.

Francis Sanzaro conducted an extensive interview with Adam Ondra at the IFSC World Cup in Salt Lake City. While in the past two years you had the feeling Adam Ondra win something positive from the climbing discipline speed, he says in this interview quite clearly - and critically.

He decided to go to the Summer Olympics to participate, but he didn't decide to climb Speed. Speed ​​climbing is not climbing, speed climbing is racing. And Adam Ondra also says clearly and openly that he is simply miles away from the other Olympic participants when it comes to speed climbing.

No matter how hard I train speed climbing, I'm always miles away from the others. And that's frustrating.

Adam Ondra

Adam Ondra will take a break from the competition

In the interview, Adam Ondra also talks about the fact that he had to cut back on rock climbing significantly during two years of preparation for the Olympics. As he says in the interview, he has for a long time renounced the right “climbing lifestyle”. His everyday life was completely dictated by the training plan.

I want to go more with the flow again. Get up in the morning and ask myself what I feel like doing today and only then decide.

Adam Ondra

After the Summer Olympics will Adam Ondra consequently, do not participate in any competitions for at least one year and look forward to it Rock climbing focus.

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Credits: Cover picture Gym Climber / Francis Sanzaro