At the end of 2020, Adam Ondra spent several weeks in Spain, particularly in Margalef. The main reason for his trip was the route Perfecto Mundo (9b +). He also climbed numerous other routes, including La Ley Indignata, as this video shows.

The climbing routes Margalefs are typically overhanging and riddled with holes and ridges. Hole climbing in particular is located Adam Ondra but not. A route that runs along shallow two-finger holes through a heavily overhanging section of rock is La Ley Indignata. Adam looked at the route years ago, when the route was not yet done. But one thing was clear to him: he would never touch this route.

The route just looks brutal. Bad two-finger holes that are far apart in a wall that is way more overhanging than it looks. It was clear to me at the time: I will never, never climb this route.

Adam Ondra

But the years passed and Adam returned to Margalef at the end of 2020, as mentioned. The route has now been used by top German climbers Alexander Megos. freely climbed and rated 9a. Adam Ondra kept choosing alternative routes to keep himself fit for his big project, Perfecto Mundo. One of these alternative projects was La Ley Indignata.

And so it came about that Adam Ondra got on the route and secured the second ascent of La Ley Indignata.

Adam Ondra on the ascent of La Ley Indignata

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