Adam Ondra is used to making short work of difficult routes. However, this route demanded more attempts than ever before: Victimas Perez (9a). The following video shows Adam Ondra on the route.

A few days ago we published a video of Jakob Schubert in the boulder Ill thrill. This line in the Magic Wood robbed the otherwise successful Austrian unexpectedly a lot of time and sessions. Experienced a similar situation Adam Ondra during his stay in Margalef in December 2020.

As side projects of his big goal, Perfecto Mundo (9b +) to score, he climbed difficult routes every now and then. And so I often climbed 9a routes for training purposes. Most of them within a very short time. Not so in the case of Victimas Perez.

Victimas Perez is probably the 9a in which I had to invest the most attempts. It was my absolute nemesis route.

Adam Ondra

Adam Ondra on the Route Victimas Perez (9a)

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Credits: Cover picture AO Productions