The Belgian Anak Verhoeven is on the list of climbers, who makes short work of their projects after the lockdown. She climbs the first 8c + / 9a in Belgium.

Just three days ago Anak announced that she was climbing on rock for the first time since the Corona restrictions. On her climbing trip, she made short work of the 8c route Bonsai, which Simon Lorenzi climbed in November 2019.

I overcame the first crux, then the second and was able to stop the risky train and then clipped the redirector of the route.

Anak Verhoeven

After repeating the XNUMXc version (Bonsai) Anak started Anak to try the extended version that Simon Lorenzi also worked on. The new route Kraftio runs along the route Bonsai, but then turns left and overhanging terrain to the stand.

Anak Verhoeven during the first ascent of the first 9a in Belgium. (Image John Janssens)

Anak and I both try the extended version. Who will make the first ascent first?

Simon Lorenzi

The answer to Simon Lorenzi's question has been known since yesterday. The first ascent is the responsibility of the Belgian Anak Verhoeven. Anak has not only been one of the strongest climbers in the world since yesterday. She has already climbed several routes in the ninth French degree. Here is an excerpt.

The overhanging part of the route first started by Anak.

Careful evaluation of the first route Kraftio

Anak tends to score 9a, which would make Kraftio the toughest tour in Belgium. “However, if I compare the line with routes I've climbed in the past, the route feels more like 8c + / 9a.” How difficult the route is effectively will become clear when the line has been climbed by more people .

Anak does not reveal the location of the route. Local climbers have expressed a wish not to make the area public. They fear access restrictions if many climbers come here in the future.

Anak Verhoeven climbs the first part of the Kraftio route (8c + / 9a)

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Credits: Pictures John Janssens

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