Alex Honnold, known for his free-solo tours, climbs his first 9a route with Arrested Development.

In the year 2019 Alex Honnold was not the focus of effective climbing for the first time, but his film Free Solo and the associated travels and obligations - among other things, the film won an Oscar (LACRUX reported). For a few weeks now, everyday life settled down again for Alex and he devoted himself to the rock again. Based on a training plan by Lattice Training was Alex fit again and cracked his most difficult sport climbing route so far: Arrested Development in the area of ​​Mount Charleston (USA).

"Important note to the video: I have increased the playback tempo. I still can not climb as fast as Adam Ondra. "

Alex Honnold

"Yesterday I managed the first combination of an Oskar award and the commission of an 9a route in the same year," jokes Alex Honnold. It had been a crazy year and he was all the more pleased to have cracked the route that he thought impossible a few years ago. The following video shows Alex Honnold during the commission of Arrested Development.

First ascent by Ethan Pringle in the year 2012

The Route Arrested Development was set up by Joe Brooks in the late 90 years and was first given to Ethan Pringle seven years ago (see video below). The line is adjacent to America's Most Wanted Route at Robber's Roost Cave.

Ethan Pringle during the inspection of the route Arrested Development

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Credits: Clayton Boyd / The North Face