In the cadenza of Alexander Megos soon 50 percent of our messages from the German athlete act. Today Alex announces the successful celebration of the Ceüse classic Jungle Boogie (9a +).

For several weeks, Alexander Megos has been traveling with photographer Liams Lonsdale and Miguel Casar. The result: numerous tours of hard routes. It all started with the repetition of Companion of Change in the Zillertal (LACRUX reported). Shortly before the break of the trip Alex managed the first ascent of Clash of Titans (LACRUX also reported), by the way both 9a +.

The campus board on the VW bus must not be missing

Short timeout at the outdoor fair in Friedrichshafen

Like most athletes, Alex also had to make his sponsors happy at the Outdoor Show in Friedrichshafen. Shortly thereafter, however, it went on and the three moved on to Ceüse. 2014 visited Alexander Megos once the stronghold of strong climbers and scored the most famous route of the area, Biography (9a +). Right after the biography, Alex went on the route Jungle Boogie (9a +), but only up to the fourth bolt. "My fingers were too soft, the ridges too sharp and I was probably just not motivated enough," comments Alex on the then short session in Jungle Boogie, In a nutshell you can do his session yesterday in Jungle Boogie also designate. Only three attempts cost him the successful passage!

Credits: Picture Liam Lonsdale


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