Alexander Megos toured the past days together with the photographer Liam Lonsdale through Tyrol / South Tyrol (LACRUX reported). Yesterday he managed the first ascent of the route Clash of Titans (9a +) in the climbing garden Götterwandl.

One would think that the recent successful tour of the Route Companion of Change (9a +) and the two 8c's, which Alexander Megos climbed, would make him sit back. No. Alex got on top of it yesterday and got the first ascent of Clash of Titans in the climbing garden Götterwandl near Nassereith in Tirol. The route starts with Juturna (8c +), which Alex could redpoint the day before, and then leads into the project Vulcanus (Rating still open).

Clash of Titans: Powerful moves on small handles

Alex about the route: "I'm sure the route is 9a +. It consists of two different sections. The first part is about 8b + / 8c and leads to a rather bad rest point, where I could shake briefly. Then the key position follows. The sequence includes some 10 bouldering trains with a difficulty of Font 8a + / V12. The trains are very powerful on small handles. The Crux concludes with a very long pull from an undergrip to a ledge. Then the climbing becomes easier up to the top. "

For the first time in the Tyrol on the way

Alex has never been to Tyrol before: "It was the first time I was in this area, and Götterwandl was incredible. Tyrol has pleased me extremely well overall. I can hardly believe that I've never been here before. I have always felt that I have to travel far to climb world-class levels; but Tyrol has shown me that incredibly beautiful climbing can be found right on the doorstep. "

Alex needed two days for the route. On the second day the conditions were finally perfect, thanks to a cool breeze from the west.

The cover picture of the article shows Alexander Megos in the commission of crack Kant Direct (8c).

Alex is on a road trip in the Tyrol along with photographer Liam Lonsdale and in collaboration with Vertical Life, Alex and Liam want to get to know classical and interesting areas and were part of it Zillertal, in the Dolomites, in South Tyrol and finally on the Götterwandl in Tirol. After two days at the outdoor fair in Friedrichshafen, they will continue their journey in Céüse, France.

Vertical Life assigns topo codes for all areas they have visited so far. The codes will be posted on Instagram (@alexandermegos, @liamlonsdale, @

Sponsors Alex Megos: Patagonia, Red Bull Germany, Tenaya, DMM, Cafe Kraft, Sterling Ropes, Entreprises, Friction Labs and Vertical Life Climbing.

Sponsors Liam Lonsdale: Trōv, Peak Design, 3 Legged Thing, Rinaldo's Specialty Coffee and Boldest Blocwear.

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Credits: Picture (Liam Lonsdale), Text excerpts (Vertical Life)

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