The German professional climber Alexander Megos successfully climbs the route Bibliographie in Céüse. Alex suggests 9c as the level of difficulty for the route. It is only the second 9c in the world.

In the last three years , Alexander Megos invested around 60 days of projecting the route Bibliographypie in the French sport climbing mecca Céüse . Yesterday evening, August 05, 2020, the German successfully climbed the route and suggested 9c as the difficulty.

I know there are many speculations about the grade and I think grades are very subjective. My personal suggestion for the grade is 9c.

Alexander Megos knows what he's talking about. He has climbed numerous routes in the ninth degree, including lines like Biography (9a +), Fight Club (9b) or Perfecto Mundo (9b +). Alex compares his most recent ascent with the latter.

Perfecto Mundo has taken me 16 days of effort, Bibliographie with around 60 days and more specific training felt a lot harder.

Alex puts this very concrete announcement into perspective. It is clear that a route feels more difficult when doing a first ascent, because for a long time you do not even know whether you can climb the route at all, whether you are completely wrong with your beta - to name just a few factors. Despite this relativization, Alex concludes that it is a milestone in his climbing career.

Has every reason to be happy: Alex Megos after climbing the 9c route Bibliographie. (Photo Ievgeniia Kazbekova)

First 9c climbing route in the world: Adam Ondra with Silence

The Czech climber Adam Ondra advanced to magical grade 9c for the first time in 2017. He also invested countless days and trips to the Norwegian sport climbing area Flatanger until he was able to successfully climb his project red dot. The Route Silence was the first 9c route in the world and remained so for the following three years.

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Credits: Cover picture Ken Etzel