Two impressive news from Alexander Rohr reached us in the past few days. The 20c hammer succeeds 8-year-old Berner in only four attempts Muy Verdes, Also for The Joker Alex only needed four attempts (8c). And: his companion Remo Lehmann clips the stand of The Doorkeeper (8b).

Adam Ondra is not the only one to be found in Flatanger, Norway. Even two Swiss people diligently get a nice pump - or not - in the massive granite cave in the far north. Alexander tube and Remo Lehmann have been in Norway for several days.

Short process despite bad conditions

“First few days are over in this Hanshallaren cave and it's just so many times better than expected,” commented Alex his previous stay in the Hanshallaren Cave. We are thrilled that he climbs an 8c within just four days in just four attempts (Muy Verdes and The Joker). We are not surprised. Because Alex has proven in the recent past several times that he is damn fit (LACRUX reported). Apparently fit enough to climb an 8c in sub-optimal conditions in a short time, as the Hanshallaren Cave was transformed into a cuddly warm stove by the sun during the ascent of Muy Verdes.

Remo Lehmann in endurance mode

Also the Burgdorf Remo Lehmann feels at home in Flatanger. The days in Norway take almost 24 hours, so enough time to devote to his projects. But does not mean that Remo torches eternally long. At least not in The Doorkeeper (8b), which he climbs successfully on the second attempt. “The Hanshallaren Cave in Flatanger is just amazing! I did the super cool endurance route The Doorkeeper 2. Go ”, says the 22-year-old enthusiastically.

Recent inspections of Alex Rohr and Remo Lehmann in Switzerland

Alexander Rohr climbs again a 9a

Remo Lehmann climbs hubris (8c +)

Credits: Picture Alexander Rohr

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