The Italian Alfredo Webber managed one of the most difficult free solo ascents in climbing history. He climbed the Panem et Circenses route (8c) near Arco without a rope or a belaying partner.

The Panem et Circenses route on the Muro di Pizarra is an approximately 15 meter high and slightly overhanging route near Arco. The route is very technical, has small grips and has numerous shallow finger holes. First climbed rotpunkt Alfredo Webber the route in December 2019 at the age of 48 (see video below), at that time still with rope.

The free solo ascent was anything but spontaneous and unprepared.

The now successful free solo ascent was anything but spontaneous and unprepared. Since the red point ascent on the rope, the now 52-year-old has prepared for the free solo ascent. With his rope-free ascent, Alfredo Webber joins the list of well-known names such as Alexander Huber (communist, 8b +) and Dave MacLeod (Darwin Dixit, 8b +).

Not an unknown name

Alfredo Webber is not a professional climber, but neither is he a blank slate. He's behind routes like Pure Dreaming, which he set up, and made a splash in 2017 when he climbed his first 48a route at the age of 9.

Note: Climbing without a rope is associated with great dangers. We do not recommend climbing routes without a rope partner and safety equipment.

Alfredo Webber inspecting Panem et Circenses with rope

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Credits: Cover picture Roni Andres