The conflict over the Badener Wand in the Battert climbing area is entering the next round. The government had the bolts removed - the opponents turn on the lawyers. Why so radical? What's next? We speak to the parties to the conflict in the first beta broadcast on Actiontalk TV.

The program is presented by Bächli Bergsport and Petzl

In the first broadcast in the new year we are the dispute over the Baden wall in the climbing area batters got to the bottom. The regional council of Karlsruhe has decided to close one sector completely to protect a pair of peregrine falcons breeding there.

On the other hand, resistance was formed by the German Alpine Club DAV and the working group Climbing and Nature Conservation AKN. Why this radical step on the part of the authorities? Does the local climbing community put their hunger for rock ahead of animal welfare, or are authorities and conservationists pushing too hard? We spoke to those involved.

Also on the show:

  • On January 6th, Alex Txikon and six Nepalese mountaineers made a historically significant winter ascent of Manaslu via the normal route.
  • The 9A boulder Alphane in Ticino does not rest. It was repeated several times at the end of 2022. Can the boulder really be rated 9A?
  • After Ondra and Schubert, Mammut brings another top shot to their team of athletes: Alberto Gines Lopez. Seb Berthe also changes, he goes to the German outfitter Edelrid.

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Credits title picture: Element Peregrine Falcon (AGW/Bernd Zoller), Element Badener Wand (100% Battert)