On the 31. May / 1. June, the Austria Climbing Festival takes place in Ginzling, Austria. Climbing, bouldering, a cozy get-together and partying in the morning in one of the most beautiful climbing areas, the Zillertal, are on the program.

Central event of the Austria Climbing Festivals is the team competition Monkey Challenge, consisting of the disciplines climbing, a running and paragliding (prize money 3'600 EUR).

In addition to the Monkey Challenge, motivated people can compete on the Zillertal Warrior (prize money 600 EUR). This competition is an obstacle course familiar from the Ninja Warrior TV format. Participants must overcome seven to eight obstacles that require skill and strength. There is a separate rating for women and men.

First the work, then the pleasure

Austrians know how to party. Accordingly, the party program is written on Austria Climbing Festival, Music from Rockhoga, Cotton Underwear, the Cash Money Brothers and Ciela, enough beer and a table-top boulder complete the program.

This is where the Austria Climbing Festival takes place

More information about the Austria Climbing Festival and registration forms can be found on the website of the organizer www.climbingfestival.at.

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