Already in the middle of the year it became known that Black Diamond mingles with several models among the manufacturers of the climbing shoes. Now two product lines will be launched: Momentum and Aspect.

Who wants to enumerate which brands make climbing shoes, which needs more than two hands. They're getting more and more. In the middle of the year, a renowned brand was added: Black Diamond. Nine models were announced for different purposes. Now the Americans are launching the first model with the momentum.

The climbing shoe Momentum for men (left) and ladies (right)
The climbing shoe Momentum for men (left) and ladies (right)

Perfect fit sole

According to Black Diamond, a new process is used to make the rubber sole. "Instead of punching parts out of a rubber plate, we take the raw material and pour it into a specific shape. That's how we can pinpoint geometry, rubber composition, heat, pressure and thickness, "says Black Diamond chief designer Kasey Jarvis.

Knitted upper

The upper of the Momentum is not made of leather, as usual, but of a knitted fabric. According to Kasey, the tissue is woven at different points in different densities. This allows the supporting force, durability and ventilation to be precisely adjusted.

Practice test will show it

Well, that sounds pretty interesting on paper. Practice will show how the Momentum model will prove itself against old-established manufacturers in reality. At least Roland Hemetzberger has already proven once that he can climb damn good with the momentum. You can read more about his visit to WoGü in the Rätikon in the following article.

Roland Hemetzberger repeats WoGü in the Rätikon


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