A few weeks ago we met the developers of Black Diamond at the European headquarters in Innsbruck and had the opportunity to get to know the product highlights of the 2020 season. Among other things, Black Diamond is launching promising approach shoes and revolutionary Camalot Z4 (mobile backups).

About a year ago Black Diamond appeared as a producer of climbing shoes. LACRUX has already tested several models (Climbing shoe Momentum and Climbing shoe Focus). A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to get to know a few highlights of the upcoming season.

Camalot Z4 - rigid and flexible at the same time

It may sound contradictory that a friend (mobile security device) can be both rigid and flexible at the same time. When we read the first press release about the product, we were also critical. But at the first inspection, the reservations disappeared. The new Camalot Z4 are awesome. Why?

Independently routed puller wires ensure that the Camalot Z4 remains completely rigid while it is under tension and the clamping segments are folded in. After it has been placed, the construction of the center bar allows it to move and in this way prevents it from “wandering” when it is subjected to a cable pull. Anyone who has already climbed with Friends knows the problem.

The jetty of the Camalot Z4

The head width of the Z4 is similar to the old Camalot C3 design. The new Camalots have not only a better holding power due to their sandblasted clamping segments, but are also available in even smaller sizes.

New approach shoes - technical and stylish

The new Black Diamond shoe collection combines technical performance, precision, comfort and cool design. Derek and Dan introduced us to the four models in Innsbruck, which can roughly be divided into a technical and a lifestyle area. The four models are available from spring 2020 in Europe.

The models Technician and Mission LT are most likely to be classic approach shoes, as they are known from other suppliers. The models Circuit and Session we found particularly exciting.

The session is, in our opinion, a perfect mix of a shoe suitable for not too precarious ascents, for example, bouldering or sport climbing, but at the same time makes a good deal of the after-work beer. Incidentally, the session can be put on and taken off quickly thanks to its flexible heel. This is great for bouldering or climbing. But let's let the two gentlemen of Black Diamond speak for themselves.

New harness: lightweight Airnet Harness

Another highlight of the upcoming season (2020) is the climbing harness Airnet Harness. It was developed in collaboration with Adam Ondra and is most likely worn by Adam at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, as the Czech told us in an interview.

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Credits: Cover Picture Black Diamond


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