Brit Pete Whittaker wanted to know if the crack section of the world's hardest route, Silence, could be jammed. To find out, he went to Norway and shot a video.

Pete Whittaker is one of the strongest crack climbers in the world. So it is not surprising that he was tempted by the crack passage of the route Silence to try out. His conclusion:

The beta I figured out for the sequence is far from easy. It requires fine and technical foot and hand clamps.

Pete Whittaker

With a wink at the end of the video, Pete Whittaker says, Adam Ondra could certainly improve his hand and foot clamping technique.

Adam Ondra comments on Pete Whittaker's video

Adam Ondra watched the video of course and said about the new beta: “I think the new solution would be difficult for me to climb straight away. Pete's solution requires flatter shoes on both feet instead of a light downturn shoe on my right foot, which in turn would make the lower sections much more difficult. "

I agree with Pete, I definitely have a lot to learn about hand and foot clamps.

Adam Ondra

VIDEO: Pete Whittaker checking out the crack section of Silence (9c)

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Credits: Cover picture Wide Boyz