French-speaking climber Cédric Lachat manages the first repeat of the 9a + route Sweet Neuf in Pierrot Beach, France.

At the route Sweet Neuf it is a combination of the 9a tour Sang Neuf with the final part of the route Home sweet home (8c / c +). “I invested seven sessions in the route before I managed to climb through,” explains Cédric opposite Fanatic Climbing. The route was usually a bit damp and the conditions were far from good.

“I don't know what to say about the grade. Sweet Neuf is easier than biography or La Rambla. On the other hand, the route is way, much more difficult than any 9a's I've climbed so far. We'll see what the future repeaters will say. "

Repeaters will certainly be there soon, according to Cédric, as Quentin Chastagnier and Seb Boussogne are currently planning the route. For Cédric Lachat are now some big routes. He launched that Film project Swissway to Heavenfor which he raised money on a crowdfunding platform.

Cédric Lachat at the celebration of Sweet Neuf. (Image: Simon Destombes)

Anak Verhoeven has set a milestone with the celebration of Sweet Neuf

By committing the 40 degree overhanging route Sweet Neuf has become Anak Verhoeven almost secured the second podium place of the women's elite. To Margo Hayes (LACRUX reported), Anak Verhoeven was the second woman to succeed in the 9a +.

Video of the celebration of Anak Verhoeven

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Credits: pictures Simon Destombes

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