The Belgian Anak Verhoeven communicated a few days ago, she had a 9a + first. This is big news, the degree should be confirmed. Before her, a woman climbed a 9a +: Margo Hayes (LACRUX reported).

First, Anak reported the commission of Sang Neuf (9a) in Pierrot Beach, France. She still had one day of climbing and her colleague suggested she should take the second route, Home Sweet Home Append (8c / +). Anak accepted the challenge, but took another day off. "After the rest day I climbed Sang neuf 9a again but this time I did not stop at the chain, but climbed on to the chain of Home sweet home," says Anak modestly. The Belgian named the new combination without further ado Sweet Neuf (9a +). Should repeaters (inside) confirm the degree, Anak would be the second woman to climb a 9a +.

Other notable first ascents

We can assume that the degree is right. Because Anak has already climbed some hard routes. In April of last year, for example, she succeeded in Roymayeur the first ascent of Ma Belle Ma Muse (8c +). Other hard routes on their ticklist are Ultimate Sacrifice (8c +) in the Gorges du Loup, Era Vella (9a) in Margalef and La Reina Mora (8c + / 9a) in Siurana.

Video by Anak Verhoeven in Sweet Neuf

Topo with the new creation / sensation

Anak Verhoeven climbs 9a + in Pierrot Beach - Topo Sweet Neuf 9a +
Topo Sweet Neuf 9a +




Credits: picture Sébastien Richard


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