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Anak Verhoeven climbs 9b | La Planta de Shiva

Anak Verhoeven successfully climbs the 9b route La Planta de Shiva. She is the fourth woman to score a route of this level.

In the light and in the dark: Anak Verhoeven climbs 9a twice on the same day

Anak Verhoeven climbs the Rodellar 9a endurance test piece Cosi se Arete twice in one day - once in daylight, once with a headlamp.

5 tips for a successful red point ascent

The Belgian Anak Verhoeven is one of the strongest climbers in the world. In this article, the 26-year-old professional climber shares five personal tips for a successful red point ascent on the rock.

Anak Verhoeven's inspirational path to becoming a professional climber | Video

Anak Verhoeven has achieved a lot that other female climbers dream of: She is a seven-time Belgian champion, has won various World Cups and the European Championship in 2017 and was the first woman to make her first ascent of a 9a+ sport climbing route. La Sportiva Living Legends shows how she made it this far in an inspiring portrait.

Rocktober: Anak Verhoeven climbs 9a +, Marine Thévenet boulders 8B +

Anak Verhoeven is unstoppable: In Rodellar, the Belgian manages another 9a+ route with No pain, no gain. The Frenchman Marine Thévenet is also doing well at the moment. She boulders in Fionnay Compass North (8B+).

Anak Verhoeven, Will Bosi & Sasha DiGiulian in an interview about injuries, sports careers, entrepreneurship

In Beta's latest show on Actiontalk TV, we feature a full load of interviews. We get to know Will Bosi better and learn from Sasha DiGiulian and Anak Verhoeven how they were able to take something positive out of their injury break.

Anak Verhoeven climbs 2 x 9a - with an hour break

At the end of her trip to Spain, Anak Verhoeven faced a special challenge. She climbs Esclatamasters twice in a row, once with and once without a Kneepad. And that with only an hour break in between.

Video: Anak Verhoeven is the first woman to walk the Joe Mama route (9a +)

Anak Verhoeven successfully climbed the Joe Mama (2019a +) sport climbing route in November 9. It was the first red dot ascent by a woman.