The Swiss professional climber Cedric Lachat manages the first repetition of the route La Cène du Roi Lézard (9a +) in the climbing area Jansegg in the canton of Friborg (Switzerland). 

“I finally got my project scored. I'm super happy and now it's time for new projects, ”says Cedric after the redpoint ascending the route La Cène du Roi Lézard (9a +). “Cedric is a persistent climber who knows no boundaries and wants to lead his projects to success, no matter what the cost”, is how Cedric is described by his sponsor Petzl. This tenacity is definitely needed for the route. It is 1800 meters above sea level and requires a much longer approach than most other routes of this degree.

An 9b becomes an 9a +

First came the route through Pirmin Bertlewho originally rated her as 9b. How he up Facebook writes"Together with Cedric, this summer he found a new solution for the dynamic train in the upper part of the route and opted for a devaluation on 9a +.

Video about the first ascent of La Cène du Roi Lézard by Pirmin Bertle

From minute 4: 16 is about climbing.

9b at 1800m: La Cène du (Roi) Lézard - The Last Supper of the Lizard (King), Jansegg, FR / CH from Pirmin Bertle on Vimeo.

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Credits: Cover picture Cedric Lachat

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