The Summer Olympics are scheduled to take place in Tokyo, Japan, from July 24th to August 9th. Over 10 athletes are expected at the games. Another 000 athletes are expected to compete in the Paralympics, which begin on August 4th. More and more voices are being raised that the Olympic Games could be canceled.

The Coronavirus is currently putting Europe on alert. Over 200 infected people and several deaths are recorded. In Italy, which counts the most cases, football matches were held without spectators. It is unclear whether the European Football Championships can be held. "We'll wait and see," said Uefa Vice President Michele Uva to Rai.

In Japan itself, where in August the Olympic Games are to be held, football games will no longer take place and the Tokyo Marathon will be reduced from 40 to 000 participants.

Climbing competitions already canceled

The corona virus also has its first effects in climbing. The International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) has canceled the World Cup competitions planned in China (LACRUX reported).

What do the organizers say? It has long been appeased in Olympic circles. But now the organizer is experiencing uncertainty.

"We are very concerned that the spread of the virus could act like a cold shower on the Games."

Managing director Toshiro Muto

The director of the Infectious Diseases Division at the National Health Center of Japan says, “We are at the crossroads for containment Coronavirus. If the number of infected people in the country does not decrease in the next three weeks, one should really think about whether the Olympic Games will be held or not. It's a big decision. ”Toshiro Muto says it is important to be objective and to keep a cool head.

A cancellation of the Summer Olympics is no option

The President of the Olympic Organizing Committee nevertheless announced that a cancellation or postponement was not an issue. There is nothing more to be heard from the IOC. A lot of money is at stake for the organizers. Very much. We're talking about $ 26 billion, not to mention the intangible value of an Olympia, to present yourself as a nation to a global audience.

UPDATE: Official press release from the International Olympic Committee

After the editorial deadline, the International Olympic Committee published a press release on the corona virus. In the press release, the IOC communicates that it will continue to successfully implement the 2020 Summer Games.

"The IOC continues to follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization."


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