How do I feel when I stand alone on the summit? When I'm at the top and made it? Yeah what's going on inside of me Dani Arnold asks these and other questions in his book "Why all this?" and provides answers. Jeannine Zubler has read the book and is introducing it.

A guest contribution by Jeannine Zubler

The book is an exciting mix of illustrated book and biography. Already the format is unusual: square, it fits in no drawer. Bigger than an ordinary book, it is also out of line with the illustrated volumes. It is idiosyncratic, stands out, as the author Dani Arnold. The cover makes you curious and ready to read it.

A book about historical inspections and the pressure to succeed as a professional

The book is divided into three subject areas. First, there are all the great successes of Dani Arnold, such as the Matterhorn North Face, Free Solos in the ice, tough Mixed Routes in Scotland and, of course, the Salbit Westgrat, his first big solo. The lyrics are very personal, not always as glamorous as the video footage. 

In the second part, Dani Arnold is critical. He questions his actions as a professional spin-piano and also addresses the pressure to succeed. Pressure that he makes himself, but also from sponsors and the public, who expect more and more. Between the lines again and again small hints and tips for the hobby mountaineers among the readers.

“Dani is not a gambler, but someone who has the skills. And the corresponding trust. The confidence in yourself that you can do it. "

Alexander Huber

In the anecdotes & curiosities chapter, Dani Arnold tells stories and anecdotes from his life as a mountaineer and mountain guide. Here, too, the professional passes on tricks, such as how to get the drill core elegantly out of the ice screw.

Why all that? Is a very apt title. Yes why? Many wonder, when Dani Arnold has committed another difficult route in record time. Solo, without rope and fuses. Dani is looking for answers, but some things remain open. Maybe because he himself has no definitive answer to what drives him, which gives him the confidence to take such risks. The sentences are not always perfectly polished, but emotional and honest. Since the lyrics are short and self-contained you do not have to read chronologically. You can leaf through the book and read it here.

Great pictures from the most remote areas

In addition to the texts, there are continuous color photos in the book. Grandiose pictures by photographers like Thomas Senf let the reader be there, in Patagonia, Scotland or Canada. The book is a very successful mix of illustrated book and biography, the pictures professionally and not from the private archive as often in biographies. Also, the layout is designed as an illustrated book, with small details like the globe, indicating where the adventure took place. 

"The texts are very personal; whoever has been to one of his lectures" sometimes almost hears him speaking. "

Jeannine Zubler


A great book, definitely recommended to all Dani Arnold and mountain fans! It is a successful mixture of illustrated book and biography, impressive pictures complement the very personal texts and fascinating route descriptions.

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