The Spanish professional climber Edu Marin was able to do the first ascent of the route The Clinic at Shangfang, China. With its difficulty of XNUMXa + it is the hardest sport climbing route in China.

Edu Marin is often climbing in China. In spring of this year he managed to do the first ascent of the world's longest overhanging roof route, Valhalla (XNUMXa +, XNUMX meter) in Getu.

Edu Marin at The Clinic (9a +). Picture Esteban Lahoz

Now the Spaniard announces another highlight. In Shangfang, Zhejiang Province, Edu scores the heaviest ever sports climbing route in the People's Republic of China: The Clinic.

"Today was the day of the days. Everything was perfect, the wind, the cool temperatures, the sun. The Clinic is a solid 9a + and one of the most beautiful routes I've ever climbed. "

Edu Marin on the first ascent of the climbing route The Clinic

Edu Marin during one of the tries in the route The Clinic (9a +)

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Credits: Cover picture Esteban Lahoz