The Austrian Eva Hammelmüller scores with Underground (8c + / 9a) on her most difficult route to date.

The climbing area Massone is one of the most popular playgrounds for strong climbers in Italy. The young Italian picked up about a year ago Laura Rogora the first female ascent of the underground route.

Well climbed Eva Hammelmuller as only the second woman on the heavily overhanging route with three tricky key points.

Eva Hammelmüller inspecting Underground (8c + / 9a). Image Tobias Lanzanasto
Eva Hammelmüller inspecting Underground (8c + / 9a). Image Tobias Lanzanasto

Break from competition due to knee injury

A month ago, Eva started a 9a route for the first time in the Berglsteiner See climbing area. At that time, she was still a long way from getting through.

One of the reasons was a knee injury that kept her from climbing for a long time. At the beginning of April she made her first successful attempts on the rock, but she still skipped the first competition of the season.

Because of my knee injury, I couldn't take part in the Bouldering World Cup in Meiringen. But I made good use of the time and went climbing on the rock outside.

Eva Hammelmuller

She made the most of her time on the rock and scored the following routes within two days:

  • Edge physics (8c / +)
  • Idiots (8b)
  • RG Plus (8b)
  • Purely for men (8a +, onsight)
  • Leukotherma (8a +)

Eva injured herself during a competition in mid-February 2021

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Credits: Cover picture Tobias Lanzanasto