On the 19. January 2012, Austria's exceptional climber David Lama once again set out to climb the 3133-meter-high Cerro Torre on the compressor route in Patagonia in rope-sharing with the East Tyrolean Peter Ortner. With success. From Monday, 20. March 2017 is the movie about the ascent on Red Bull TV available.

The mountain is a myth, the expedition is considered impossible. Two days later, when the 21-year-old Tyrolean climbs up to the summit, he is the first person to climb one of the most difficult and beautiful mountains in the world in free style.

Debate about bolts for filming

Already 19-year-old is the multiple European and Youth World Champion David Lama as a child prodigy of the climbing scene. Climbing halls are his territory, he has little experience in the mountains. Nevertheless, he sets himself in the head, the legendary Cerro Torre as the first man free to climb. But the dream bursts and his first attempt ends in disaster. David is not up to the mountain and the pitfalls of the weather. Worse still, there is an outcry through the global alpine scene as new bolts are being added for filming in the wall. David realizes that not only does he have to learn the alpine climbing skills but also take on more responsibility for his team and filming if he wants to be successful at Cerro Torre.

David Lama: "I was looking for a challenge, a project that I did not know how it would turn out. Because I have found out for myself that it is difficult for me to motivate myself for smaller projects that I already know are possible. The things that really irritate me have the factor of the impossible. "

Full length cinema movie online

From now on, the movie is about the commemoration of David at Cerro Torre Red Bull TV available in full length online. Here is the trailer.

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