The North Face presents "New Life", a feature film that accompanies climbers Caroline Ciavaldini and James Pearson on their journey to parenthood and shows the ups and downs of their outdoor adventures as they raise their first child, Arthur.

From the fear of losing sponsors to the challenges of a lifestyle shaped by expeditions, the 25-minute feature film News Life not only shows the difficult decisions that the new parents faced, but also the encouragement they received James and Caroline received.

Caroline Ciavaldini with son Arthur at the foot of the wall.

The film also touches on the arguments that so many new mothers have - not only with others but also with themselves - when life is turned upside down by the new family member. So speaks Caroline also about the impact that the loss of her mother to suicide still has on her life and decisions today. A poignant moment that shows the complexity of being a parent.

We're so glad we got the chance to shoot New Life and hope it will resonate with all of the new parents out there. Having a child has completely changed our perspective and given life a new meaning that goes well beyond climbing.

Caroline Ciavaldini

For Caroline, being a mother means sometimes taking risks and living without remorse.

The tension between parenthood and risk job

The film also shows honest glimpses into the lives of other outdoor athletes, including Hilaree Nelson, head of the North Face athlete team and Freeride World Tour Champion in snowboarding, Xavier De Le Rue. Both talk about their experiences in the area of ​​tension between parenthood in a high-risk job.

Climbing film New Life with Caroline Ciavaldini and James Pearson

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Credits: images and text The North Face