Within a very short time, the Swiss Giani Clement and the 18-year-old German Leon Fraunholz get a tour of the Boulder classic The Story of Two Worlds in Cresciano.

Almost two generations, one could speak, one takes a look at the age of the two youngest enthusiasts of The Story of Two Worlds. Giani Clement, Vintage 1983, worked the whole day, drove off Crescianoscored the Boulder at 4.00 early in the morning, drove back home to return to his job.

On the other side is the first 18-year German Leon Fraunholz, He, too, planned the boulder together, incidentally Martin keller and Luis Gerhardt, and, as it were, went on an ascent with the Giani Dave Graham-Classicist on Dreamtime-Block.

Video of the celebration of Luis Gerhardt

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Credits: Felix Hofmann


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