Jernej and Julija Kruder spent most of the month of October in the Deep Water Soloing paradise of Mallorca. The two get hard on-the-go, despite difficult conditions. LACRUX talked to Jernej about the time in Mallorca.

Deep Water Soloing is nothing new for Slovenian Jernej Kruder. He flew to Majorca a few times to enjoy the rope on the coasts of the island. Two years ago he succeeded in the second inspection of the heavy and famous route of the rock arch Es Pontas (9a +). This year he targeted a second Chris Sharma route: Alasha (∼9b). “The weather in Mallorca was often not on our side. I worked on the rope on the individual trains of the route. With every real attempt from below, however, the handles of the first key point were wet, ”said Jernej in an interview with LACRUX. But he is sure that if the conditions are good, he could climb the route in three weeks.

Short process of the old project Animal Magnetism

Already in the old Dosage climbing films Klem Loskot is in his attempts in the Deep Water Solo Route Animal magnetism to be seen in Cala Mitjana. The first red point ascent was only made by Jernej Kruder. “I bouldered Animal Magnetism on the rope for a very short time and then needed about three attempts for the ascent. The route, with its wide stretches of good grips, suits me very well, ”said Jernej. Animal magnetism (8b +) is the heaviest DWS route that Jernej climbed during his stay in October.

Besides Animal magnetism Jernej added a variation of 8a + Weatherman to Cala Sa Nau Bay. The new route with its direct exit raises the difficulty to 8b or 8b + and means Salty Beverage.

Jernej Kruders first ascent in Cala Sa Nau - Salty Beverage (8b +)
Jernej Kruders first ascent in Cala Sa Nau - Salty Beverage (8b +)

Sister Julja Kruder manages the most serious female DWS ascent

His sister Julja is in no way inferior to her brother. "She is unbelievable when it comes to her psyche," says Jernej and continues: "On her first day on the island, she already climbed a very high 7c onsight and fell into the water from very high on other routes." For example at their attempts on the route of the 18-meter-high island classic Weatherman, Several times she falls from over ten meters in the restless sea. But her fearlessness and tenacity paid off. After eight attempts, she managed the toughest female walk on a Deep Water Soloing route: Weatherman 8a +.

Juljia Kruder at the resting point of Weatherman

Julija Kruder during the walk on the Deep Water Soloing Route Weatherman
Julija Kruder during the walk on the Deep Water Soloing Route Weatherman


Jernej Kruder at the celebration of Es Pontas in the year 2016

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Credits: Cover picture Vladek Zumr

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