The Austrian professional climber Jakob Schubert succeeds in ascent of the deep water soloing route Es Pontas on Mallorca. Just a few days after his success in Alasha.

He cannot be stopped. Jakob Schubert strings success after success and serves the curiosity of the climbing scene every week. His latest success story concerns one of the most difficult deep water soloing routes and most impressive lines in the world: Es Pontas (9a +), first ascended through Chris Sharma in the year 2006.

Shortly before the end of his stay in Mallorca - and after the inspection of Alasha - Jakob Schubert holds the famous dynamo high above the water and gets off the route.

How much the most famous and most impressive rock arch in the Mediterranean has challenged the four-time world champion and Olympic bronze medalist, Schubert tells in a short interview in the following video.

Jakob Schubert in an interview about Es Pontas

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Credits: Cover picture Sebastian Marko / Alpsolut